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Hello, I'm a high end World Of Warcraft gamer and petrolhead with a passion for science, cars and electro music. I've been playing wow for over five years. I was inspired to play wow by a friend named Jef. I started playing it, and got infected by the wow virus quite instantly.

My two lives.
World Of Warcraft

My first char was a tauren druid named "Theravada" on Dragonmaw EU. I leveled it up quite fast, trying to learn and understand the game. By the time I dinged up level 60, I mastered myself in the arts of druidic healing, and it stayed that way. I saw myself as one of the better druids on the server. I was extremely active. At first I joined the guild "Constitution" which was a raiding guild without any druids. So in the 40 man raids, yes, I got all druid loot. A few months later, Jef whispered me in game and told me his brother "Backslash" was starting up a guild. At that point, hardcore raiding wasn't far away anymore. I joined the guild Dark Alignment, which was founded by five Belgian friends (Backslash, Moroth, Elaenor, Bluepeople, Boraicho), of which four I know in real life. They needed top players to make it a top-server guild. I found it an opportunity for me to join them. I instantly felt involved. There we were, the tale of Dark Alignment started here.

In Dark Alignment we raided alot. We started off the 20 man Zul'Gurub raid once we filled the open spots in our guild. I remember us doing 7-8-9 man ZG runs just clearing trash and testing new members. Our first 2 members were Jagostra and Bashwush, they were kicked quite fast, as we only aimed for the best players on the server. At a certain point, we convinced some top players in joining Dark Alignment (Midian, Bigbeef, Badbull, Endbringer, Slippy). The guild started to grow.

I've played it for over 120 days "/played", mainly during Pre-TBC(Original wow) and during The Burning Crusade(TBC).

Sinshi is my main char blablabla

Frostmane EU

inspired by a friend


Dark Alignment

5 years

Real life